Some of my past dogs.


Aust Ch Gumhaven Malt N Honey


   Aust Ch Gumhaven Leading  Edge


 Nuet Ch Gumhaven I'm a Believer
Aust Ch Gumhaven
A Diesel Design

    Ch Gumhaven Walk The Line


Aust Ch
Gumhaven A Classic Design

             Grand  Champion
Skalawag Oh Wow Its Mr Brown

Aust CH Triagen Angel Of Jazz

                 Grand Champion
         Gumhaven Chasing Stars









Gumhaven Sapphire Blue

Turalay Lucy With Diamonds


Gumhaven Cherry Delight Gumhaven Chocolate Honeycomb

Aust Ch Gumhaven Cricket

Aust CH Gumhaven Willow

Tenerello Jazzman

Aust Ch Gumhaven
Edge Of Glory

Pintupi Gota Luv His Lorship "Shumba


Gumhaven CJ Dennis "April"    


Gumhaven Grand Finale

Pintupi Shaminko
Pintupi Ellie Oop


Gumhaven Rolls Royce

Nudimah Hot N Black


Ch Gumhaven Full Of Fire

Ch Gumhaven Kali


Australian Ch Gumhaven Mira Image
Australian Ch
Gumhaven White Knight

Australian Ch Gumhaven Logan
Australian Grand Ch Doubleg Single Malt
Aust Ch Gumhaven Twist and Shout

Gumhaven Mystic Star


Aust Ch Gumhaven Zoe






Aust Ch Gumhaven Cadbury Wispa  



Aust Ch Gumhaven Man Of The Hour





Aust CH  Gumhaven Snowdrop

Ch Zakaria Sheahan


Aust Ch Gumhaven Snowbell      







Ch Gumhaven Jack Of Hearts



Ch Gumhaven Gypsy Rose


   CH Sanjo Southern Son










Ch Gumhaven Lollipop










Ch Gumhaven Silvertop Ash









Ch Gumhaven Scarlet Bandit

Gumhaven Hot Chocolate
Ch Gumhaven Lily




Ch Zakaria Mista Giles


Gumhaven So Pretty

 Gumhaven My Little Miracle "Mira"

Ch Sanjo Bindi


Ch Aust Gumhaven Crossing Jordan

Aust Ch Pintupi
Gota Luv Antiki


 Gumhaven Axl

 Aust Ch Gumhaven Topaz

Aust Ch Gumhaven Red Hot Pepper

Lawofnature Heat Haze




Gumhaven Chasing Rumours "Rumour"



Gumhaven Rumour Mil

Australian Ch Atenta Carnival Night

 Cherrybank Gem
Doubleg Eye Of A Cyclone

Ch Gumhaven Hunters Nelson

Atenta Carnival Delight


Ch Pintupi Shameka


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