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Gumhaven Kennels is situated in Dublin 60 km north of Adelaide on the Adelaide Plains. Dublin is my husbandís hometown and I moved here in 1990 with him. We have been together  since 1978, Merv had Tenterfield's when I met him, then known as Miniature Fox Terriers and the rest as they say is history, so we have had them over 40 years now.

I have been a member of the Tenterfield Terrier Club of South Australia since 1994, on committee since 1996 and President of the state club from 1999-2002. I had a break for a couple of years and then was re elected President. I am also President of the National Tenterfield Terrier Club (Aust).
I have been a member of the South Australian Canine Association since 1998. When I started breeding with the Tenterfield Terrier club I chose the kennel prefix Blue Gum but later changed that to Gumhaven, as I could not keep the name Blue Gum under the South Australian Canine Association. I breed with only my best bitches and carefully choose a stud dog.  I take a lot of things into consideration; conformation of both dog and bitch, the two must compliment each other, temperament, being a proud and confident dog.

Our dogs are free to roam our block by day and are put in kennels with quite large runs at night for their own protection mainly. I would hate to find that a big dog had managed to get into our yard overnight or that someone had stolen one.

I love the fact that they all mix well together; I havenít had the need too separate any. Males and females they all run together by day and sleep together at night.

The Editor of the "Lets Talk Terriers" magazine editor Tracy Murphy  asked me to write a story on "My lifes journey with Tenterfield Terriers" for the Volume 10 no1. 2014 edition. I have attached a copy of my article. Lets Talk Terriers website can be found at http://www.warpittstaffords.com/ltt_magazines.html

My article, click here....."My lifes journey with Tenterfield Terriers"

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