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Tenterfield Terriers



   Maureen Schutt
Breeding and Showing Champion
Tenterfield Terriers

Specialising in Tenterfield Terriers for over 40 years.
Where quality and the wellbeing of the breed matters. 
Breeding from Champion bloodlines for type, temperament,
and soundness, with correct balance, substance and bone.



Gumhaven is proud to announce the 75th Champion here at Gumhaven in 19 years of showing.
63 of which have been born and bred here.

Our newest Champions

Ch Gumhaven Game Of Chance
Ch Gumhaven Diamonds and Lace
Ch Rubybrae Ollie

Grand Champions

Grand CH Gumhaven Jax

Grand CH Gumhaven Super Spark

Grand Ch Gumhaven Sand Piper

Aust Grand Ch,
Swedish Ch,
Norwegian Ch,
Gumhaven Chasing Stars

Grand Ch Doubleg Single Malt

Grand Ch Gumhaven Lucas

Gr Champion Skalawag Oh Wow Its Mr Brown






                                                                    In No Particular Order

1. Ch Gumhaven Malt N Honey
2. Ch Gumhaven Electic Dream
3. Ch Gumhaven Sweet Destiny
4. Ch Gumhaven Walk The Line
5. Ch Gumhaven Just Rockn It
6. Ch Gumhaven Fire Fly
7. Ch Gumhaven Jax
8. Ch Gumhaven A Classic Design
9. Ch Gumhaven Fire Fox
10. Ch Gumhaven Full Of Fire
11. Ch Gumhaven A Diesel Design
12. Ch Gumhaven Sand Piper
13. Ch Gumhaven Outback Thunda
14. Ch Gumhaven Arpege
15. Ch Gumhaven Chasing Stars
16. Ch Gumhaven Willow
17. Ch Gumhaven Bandit
18. Ch Gumhaven Logan
19. Ch Gumhaven Lily
20. Ch Gumhaven Topaz
21. Ch Gumhaven Lucas
22. Ch Gumhaven Nakota Nell
23. Ch Gumhaven Gypsy Rose
24. Ch Gumhaven Snowdrop
25. Ch Gumhaven Hot N Uff
26. Ch Gumhaven Jack Of Hearts

27. Ch Gumhaven Cadbury Wispa
28. Ch Gumhaven Twist and Shout
29. Ch Gumhaven Chloe
30. Ch Gumhaven The Lone Ranger
31. Ch Gumhaven Hunters Nelson
32. Ch Gumhaven Tim
33. Ch Gumhaven Lollipop
34. Ch Gumhaven Scarlet Bandit
35. Ch Gumhaven Crossing Jordan
36. Ch Gumhaven Kali
37. Ch Gumhaven Silvertop Ash
38. Ch Gumhaven Tornado Tina
39. Ch Gumhaven Mira Image
40. Ch Gumhaven Edge Of Glory
41. Ch Gumhaven Cricket
42. Ch Gumhaven Red Hot Pepper
43. Ch Gumhaven Peppermint Crisp

44. Ch Gumhaven Zoe
45. Ch Gumhaven Madison
46. Ch Gumhaven White Knight
47. Ch Gumhaven  Iced Vo Vo
48. Ch Gumhaven Snowbell
49. Ch Gumhaven Neopolitan
50. Ch Gumhaven Man Of the Hour
51. Ch Gumhaven Leading Edge
52. Ch Gumhaven Rumour Mill
53. Ch Gumhaven Super Spark

54. Ch Gumhaven Rumour Has It
55. Ch Gumhaven Cherokee Rose
56. Ch Gumhaven Aussie Trooper
57. Ch Gumhaven Dare To Dream
58. Ch Gumhaven Just Iz
59. Ch Gumhaven Just Cruzin
60. Gumhaven Shine A Light RN. TSD. TD. HTM.I. FS.I.
61. Ch Gumhaven Knock On Wood
62. Ch Gumhaven Game Of Chance
63. Ch Gumhaven Diamonds and Lace


Owned and Campaigned by Gumhaven

1. Ch Fernlodge Contessa
2. Ch Zakaria Sheahan
3. Ch Sanjo Southern Son
4. Ch Atenta Carnival Nights
5. Ch Sanjo Bindi
6. Ch Tenterhill Boags
7. Ch Pintupi Gota Luv Antiki
8. Ch Triagen Angel Of Jazz
9. Gr Ch Doubleg Single Malt
10. Ch Demala Just Katie
11. Gr Ch Skalawag Oh Wow Its Mr Brown
12. Ch Rubybrae Ollie

             Our puppies all go Vaccinated, vet checked and microchipped.
We also supply a puppy pack which includes extensive notes, goody bag and  6 weeks free puppy insurance with Petplan. All Gumhaven dogs are clear from PLL and CHG

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Gumhaven Kennels, is proud to be associated with Orivet Genetic Pet Care.
All my dogs are DNA tested by Orivet for hereditary diseases and traits.


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Grand Ch Gumhaven Sand Piper
Best Of Breed Melbourne Royal 2013
Runner Up Best Of Breed Adelaide Royal
Runner UP BISS Adelaide 2014
BISS WA Specialty 2014
R/UP BISS Tenterfield Nationals held in WA 2014

Grand Ch Gumhaven Jax






Aust Ch Gumhaven Fire Fox






      Ch Gumhaven Sweet Destiny










      Gumhaven Secret Scout


          Ch Gumhaven Just Rockn it                            



Aust Ch Gumhaven Electric Dream 

                                 Aust CH Demala Just Katie         







 Gumhaven Banjo Paterson

        Ch Gumhaven Game Of Chance



 Ch Gumhaven Just Cruzin        


Ch Gumhaven Just Iz      





Gumhaven Diamonds And Lace
                                                       Gumhaven Diamond Harry





Rubybrae Ollie

Gumhaven Shes Got The Moves


Past Dogs


"Lets Talk Terriers" magazine editor Tracy Murphy  asked me to write a story on "My life's journey with Tenterfield Terriers" for the Volume 10 no1. 2014 edition.
I have attached a copy of my article.
Lets Talk Terriers website can be found at

My article, click here.....

"My lifes journey with Tenterfield Terriers"

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